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About Us

Find the funds to repay your creditors with the tools we provide you at Stuart C. Cox Chapter 13 Trustee in El Paso, Texas. If you are an individual with regular income, we help you pay off your debts using future income to fund a plan approved by a bankruptcy judge.

Our Chapter 13 Trustee Office

Stuart C. Cox is appointed as standing trustee and is supervised by the U.S. Trustee Agency, which is part of the U.S. Department of Justice. Our renowned organization is appointed to administer all of the Chapter 13 cases initiated in this region of El Paso, TX. We offer you cost-effective services because our trustee office is funded by administrative fees taken on the money disbursed to creditors on behalf of debtors filing Chapter 13 cases.

Our Mission

Through our administration of Chapter 13 cases, we assist and support the bankruptcy community, including debtors, creditors, attorneys and the judiciary. We perform the statutory duties of a bankruptcy trustee, furnish accurate and timely information, and facilitate communication.

Through our efforts we aid in the successful completion of Chapter 13 plans by debtors, provide accurate and timely repayment to creditors, and enhance the value of bankruptcy administration through quality service and effective use of technology. We provide quality service which satisfies customer needs in a consistent and dependable manner.

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Educate yourself on the necessary requirements and procedures for declaring bankruptcy by reviewing our assortment of useful Chapter 13 information. Don’t forget to fill out and fax the Web Access Agreement in order to access your case information. Our detailed resources include:
Standing Order Local Rules US Bankruptcy Courts Chapter 13 Inquiries National Data Center

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